Fundraising is not always easy, but we at Big Air Redlands aim to simplify the process so that you and your organization can reap the rewards–literally!

Up to 50%-Back to your Organization

We recognize that a lot of effort goes into hosting successful fundraisers so we made sure our customers saw major returns for their efforts. With the Big Air Redlands system, organizations can receive up to 50% of the admissions revenue.

Simple Step-by-step Program

With our proven Big Air Redlands Fundraiser Support Program, churches, schools, and organizations like yours are able to boost their fundraising efforts by following our step-by-step system. Rather than complicate matters, we will help you simplify and show you several quick and easy tricks to getting a much higher return on fundraisers you’ve done in the past.

Start the Process

To get started in the fundraiser process, fill out the form below and a member of our Fundraiser Team will contact you shortly.