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Paying by the hour is a thing of the past. Enjoy daily admission with Big Air PLAYer Pass™!  Learn more about how you can take advantage of these savings below!


Answers to our most frequently-asked questions. Can’t find an answer? Give us a call at (864) 626-5252.

The Big Air PLAYer pass is a one-time only, upfront payment! No monthly payments or auto-drafts. How easy is that?!

Since the Big Air PLAYer pass is a one-time-only, upfront payment, we do not offer refunds or early cancellations.

We will gladly upgrade your current membership so you can become a Big Air PLAYer. We will waive your 30 day cancellation notice requirement on your current membership, however, no pro-rated discounts or refunds will be applied.

Yes! If you are happy with your existing monthly Big Air Membership, you may keep your membership active. If you would like to cancel your current Big Air Membership, click here.

We will still offer the monthly Big Air Memberships if requested. Click here for more information.

Your PLAYer pass automatically grants you access to Big Air Trampoline Park in Greenville and Spartanburg as long as you have active waivers on file for both parks.

If you forget your pass, we will look up your pass information by name. If your card was lost or stolen, we will replace it for a nominal fee.

*The Big Air PLAY(er) Pass is an upfront one-time fee, non-transferable play pass and does not guarantee park access, especially in the event of an entire-park buyout.  Not valid with any other offers. Pricing & inclusions subject to change without notice.