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Join us in the fight for survival at Big Air’s Battle Royale! With Big Air as a map, you’ll find yourself jumping and climbing through the entire park while picking up laser-tag weapons, building structures and escaping the looming storm. And while you’re waiting to begin the battle, sip on some exclusive and play a game in our game truck. A massive, outdoor projection will display top players’ real-time gameplay. Plus, enjoy special music, lighting and a Floss-off dance contest!


  • What? Big Air’s Battle Royale will be a last-man-standing event leveraging the entire park and laser-tag technology. 20 kids at a time will enter the map for a six-minute session — finding weapons, building structures and escaping the storm. Outside while participants are waiting, themed concessions will be sold!
  • Who? All ages!
  • Where? Big Air Trampoline Park in Laguna Hills
  • When? July 3rd  | from 8-11pm
  • How much?
    • $30 | Includes unlimited battles, game truck, dance party and more from 8-11pm


JUNE 21st



We’ll fill the entire time — 8-11pm — with six-minute games. We suggest arriving fifteen to twenty minutes before you’d like your game to start.  Remember that there will also be activities outside including a game truck and dance off!

Once you have your tickets, you can head straight to the line to enter “Battle Royale”, or head over to our Game Truck to get in some liver virtual action of playing the game.  Your ticket allows you to participate in all our activities with unlimited access to everything.