Laguna Hills, CA

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Ultimate Nerf® Battle

August 15th, 2019 August 15th, 2019

Looking for the most thrilling Nerf® Battle experience ever? Big Air and Drop Zone Arena want you to join us for this limited-time experience. Drop Zone Arena will transform our our park to create several game plays that will be played throughout the night. We will be playing “Capture the Flag,” “Team Elimination,” and “Zombies” with an endless supply of darts. Each ticket includes a standard Nerf Blaster. You can also upgrade your Blaster if for an additional fee.* Age: 6+
*Players my bring their own Nerf Dart Blasters, however not their own Nerf Darts. Nerf Darts will be provided by Drop Zone Arena, and all Nerf Blasters must be approved by Drop Zone Arena.
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If  you have any questions please call Drop Zone Arena

(657) 237-0820


Save time, and fill out a waiver ahead of time!

Nerf Blasters are currently limited as well and we are purchasing more and more everyday.
BYOB: Bring your own Blaster! We are encouraging that all participant at least bring one blaster but ‘the more the merrier’ is always the way to go. But don’t worry about mix-ups because we have all our blasters marked with “DZA” and we will be ‘tagging’ your blasters off so you can put your name on it.
The FPS maxes out at 150 FPS
Please do not bring your own ammo. Ammo will be provided.The FPS maxes out at 150 FPS

NO jumping on, over, and or on top of bunkers. Bunkers are use as cover and cover only. ( ex. hiding behind it or using it as cover ).

– Tagging rules- you must aim for the shoulders or lower when hitting someone; NO Purposely aiming for the head. Headshots DO COUNT however. Blaster hits do not count.

– Lives and re-spawn rules: If and when you are hit, rase your hand and call out “ HIT ”, then walk out of bounds and wait for next round in the our-box or out of bounds area. ( in a re-spawned game or multi live game mode ), if hit walk back to start and count for number of seconds then come back into play.

– You must keep glasses ON at all time when playing. Glasses are required to play and must be on when playing.

– NO pause or times for reload. If shot when reloading, it still counts as out.

– Be mindful and aware of close corners and make sure NOT to run into others.

– Please do not shoot other at a “to close distance”, try to have a minimum of 2-3 feet engagement distance, when possible.