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Big Air's Safety First Program

Worried about trampoline safety? Trampolines are actually safer than you think. And at Big Air, everything is about safety – from our park design to our team members. Check out our tips and stats below!

  • <strong>No double bouncing.</strong> | Use your trampoline to bounce yourself, not others. 
  • <b> Stay within your physical limits </b> | Click here for our patron responsibility code.
  • <strong>No backflips. </strong>| No flipping into what you can’t see. Front flips are permitted in select park areas.
  • <strong>Stick to one trampoline.</strong> | Keep your bouncing to one trampoline. No running or bouncing between trampolines.
  • <strong>No head-first diving into the foam pits.</strong>
  • <strong>No headshots.</strong> | On the dodgeball courts, aim below the neckline.
  • <strong>Dress right. </strong>| Remove all lose articles from your pockets, and wear comfortable clothing.
Trampolines are safer than you think. Check out trampoline injuries compared to injuries of other sports/excercise activities!

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