Our Attractions

Main Court

Flip and fly in our matrix of trampolines in every direction. This is one of the few places on earth where we actually encourage kids to jump off the walls!


Spin into an epic, challenging session on The Orbit as you jump high or drop low on trampolines to dodge the spinning beams! Must be 48″ to use this attraction.


Our arcade games are sure to entertain kids of all ages - whether reaching for top score or your favorite prize, have fun competing again your friends and family!

Log Roll

Think you can make it across? You can use the ropes or you can try to get across with pure speed!

The Wall

Test your ability to free climb! Without a harness you can go high or low and free fall safely into an airbag! Enjoy the climb!

Zip Line

Fly even higher on Zip Line! Feel the wind beneath your feet as you’re grabbing some Big Air!

Lil' Ninja

An area designated solely for toddlers to enjoy without worrying about the big kids interfering with their play. Lil’ Ninja provides a safe opportunity for your little ones to bounce, play, giggle, and burn off their endless energy.


Grab a buddy and experience augmented reality with ValoJump. Play solo or with a friend and try to beat each others scores or face off against each other in STOMP.


A Big Air original. Enter an epic, one-on-one jousting battle while maintaining your balance over a pit of foam. Winner takes home bragging rights!

Head 2 Head

How fast can you react? Grab a friend, hop on the trampolines and enjoy this test of speed, reaction, and hand-to-eye coordination.

Ropes Course

Learning the ropes has never been more thrilling. Get some extra hang time with our next-level obstacles on the Big Air ropes course. Weave, climb, and race your way through this high-flying obstacle course. Climb and swing through the air like a superhero as you compete to complete the course.

The Gauntlet

Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer anything? Test your skills on this unique ninja-style course - featuring several challenging obstacles and three difficulty levels.

Reaction Wall

How fast can you react? Grab a friend, hop on the trampolines and enjoy this test of speed, reaction, and hand-to-eye coordination.

Extreme Dodgeball

The playground classic is reimagined in high-flying 3D on our specially designed, side-by-side trampoline dodgeball courts. Bring a whole group or challenge others.

High 9 Reaction Wall

Bounce on the trampoline and put your reaction time to the test by striking the red light as it moves around the pods. Aim to hit as many lights as possible before they shift in the vertical challenge. Compete against a friend or strive to surpass your personal best score!

Lil Air

Our designated space for our smaller guests to jump worry-free, featuring fun-size versions of our signature attractions! If this isn’t enough, your kiddos might be interested in Toddler Time when we open the whole park exclusively for our littlest jumpers.

Airbag Zone

The Airbag zone offers ample space for achieving big air and landing softly. It's the perfect spot to safely hone your boldest stunts, just like professional stunt performers do, into a vast airbag.

Harnessed Climb

Harnessed climbing allows you all the fun of rock climbing in a fun and safe environment. Buckle up and race against your friends or try to beat your very best time!


Our slides vary in length, velocity, and material, and they're all equipped for BIG fun!